Fara í efni


Dear Sir: I represent a collective (@NirAadCollectiv) opposing Indias draconian biometric ID program, called Aadhaar. I read with great interest the article http://www.katoikos.eu/interview/icelandic-minister-who-refused-cooperation-with-the-fbi-ogmundur-jonasson-in-an-interview.html (Jónasson: The Icelandic Minister who refused cooperation with the FBI) and I was quite taken in with your viewpoints expressed with such clarity and preciseness. There are so many sentences that can be quoted in this interview. Since I was extremely impressed with this interview and since your ideas and thoughts resonated with our, I wanted to drop you a message of gratitude. In solidarity towards a more socially just world. PS: I hope this small letter reaches you :)
Nir Aadhaar Collective